Audio professional with nearly two decades of experience.

Always looking for ways in which art and science intersect.


Podcast sound design by Ania Grzesik:

'It’s not every day that I swoon over a podcast trailer, but that’s what I did with “Aria Code,” a new series about opera from WQXR and the Metropolitan Opera.'

- The New Yorker Podcasts Newsletter



sound engineer, sound design, audio, music, theater, podcast, ania, women in sound, pro tools, qlab

Nearly two decades of professional audio experience, ranging from tracking and mixing in recording and production studios, to sound design for theater and mixing live music.

  • Live Sound Mixing: FOH + Monitors
  • Sound Design
  • Mobile Recording + Editing
  • Radio/Podcast Production
  • Studio Production 
  • Consulting 
  • Pro Tools | QLab | iZotope RX
  • Audio Restoration + Repair


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